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Stickman Battle Empires War – Cheats&Hack

Stickman Battle Empires War – a new fun and addictive real-time strategy game with famous stickman heroes! RTS game in a medieval setting with elements of survival, you can control your army and individual warriors. Get gold to recruit more fighters to your army. At your disposal: miner, stickman warrior, archer, Spartan, giant, and even… Read More »

Muscle Land – Cheats&Hack

Step into your new adventure: Muscle Land! Eat as much as you can, and turn those calories to energy. Gather meat from animals.Collect super sweet gummy bears from sweet trees! Build muscle of your character throughout the amazing world of Muscle land! Taste the ultimate arcade idle experience with this new game. It is so… Read More »

[Premium] RPG Sword of Elpisia Cheats&Hack

On Terra, a world whose civilization developed thanks to magic tools, there are frequent cases of people being turned into magic swords. Alice, a girl who is traveling with Aldo, the main character, chooses to become a sword to rescue her friends. Will their journey and encounters lead them to a predetermined fate? Throw yourself… Read More »

Hit7 Casino – Cheats&Hack

Hit 7 Casino is the most awesome CASINO app!Have fun for the exciting premium slot games to play with various bonus features!Win the jackpot and become a millionaire in Vegas Slots games!Get a thrill with Vegas Slots games!Don’t hesitate and download! Be the winner of Hit 7 Casino! The features of the game :● Fantastic… Read More »

MIR4 – Cheats&Hack

Compete Globally players! Will you yield or rule in the face of ultimate power? Join us now and forge your legacy! ★Key FeaturesWarriors, which path would you choose in the land of MIR? Would you like a brand new heart pounding experience?Perhaps live a peaceful life through hunting and gathering?Or even wage war against other… Read More »


[Scenario] I, a prominent fashion model, hereby declare to run away from home!But before I can even move out, 4 strange men appear in my life!How will this unexpected rendezvous with 4 guys unravel? Join a fashion contest “”Wannabe Challenge”” with the goblins!Many unforeseen events and heart-throbbing romance with hidden fates await you. Who’s the… Read More »