AFK blood glory-legend games – Cheats&Hack

By | February 3, 2023

This is a idle RPG legend games.In this game,you can fight monsters and upgrade together with your friends, and form a guild.You can experience the smooth fighting experience in the game,Come fight with us.

game introduction:
[Attack speed full, knife cutting]
Enjoy 100 times the attack speed directly when you go online, and the attack speed is full of nine knives per second, and the knife is cut with a knife; whether it is a mob or a boss, it is easy to kill in seconds.

[God costume high-explosive beams of light everywhere]
All dungeon monsters have a super high explosion rate of 1000 times, killing mobs will also have a full screen of beams of light, mobs can also drop the best, and equipment materials can be picked up non-stop.

[Free copybook map optional]
All dungeon levels are free to choose without restrictions. With full attack speed and high explosive rate, you can quickly get through advanced dungeons, constantly challenge the limit, and equip in half an hour.

[Hook up bubble point, level up in seconds]
After clearing the advanced dungeon, you can directly hang up and spawn monsters in the dungeon automatically, freeing your hands, and you don’t need to recharge a penny, and you can easily play to the full level.

[Cross-server competition free PK]
Tens of thousands of people are online, cross-server free competition, popular names in the wild, killing explosives, escorting escorts, and many PVP gameplays. Who can become the strongest in the entire server?

[Equipment synthesis, transaction recovery]
All equipment can be synthesized freely, and low-level equipment can also be combined to produce magical equipment; equipment materials can also be freely traded or recycled anytime and anywhere, which is simply a paradise for casual people.