All of us are Craft Zombie Cheats&Hack

By | March 18, 2022
From a high school laboratory, an incident occurred, a professor who was researching viruses leaked his failed science experiments, causing all students in the school to become infected. After a zombie virus spreads across school surrounding areas, which turn everyone into Zombie. Only small group of students is survived and hide in school, wait for help from outside 💀

In All of us are Zombie , you will be leader of student group and help them survive in Ground Zero. Now your mission is Fight and Stay alive among Zombie Squad 🔥

– Choose your role as Human or Zombie, then drag to move
– If you are in Human Role. please run, hide and collect weapon to kill Zombies
– If you are Zombie, chase all human and turn them to Zombie. Let’s eat Brain

– Easy to play with just one finger: Seek your preys. hide yourself!
– Two playing modes: Hide or Seek
– Endless levels with lots of fun
– Thrilling time-limited gameplays
– Full box of skins to unlock

It’s thrilling time for you challenge your brave. Will you survive? Let’s try in All of us are Zombie 💥