Chess TD – ማታለያዎች&ጠለፋ

| መጋቢት 28, 2023

Chess TD is a story about Toad Stool, a kindness guy with an endless journey to prevent the Dark Lord and his army. During the journey, Toad Stool make friend with a lot of strong character and they have same goal that saving the world.
Chess TD will redefine Tower Defend series with a lot of daily missions, weekly missions, monthly missions. Especially, a brand new campaign mode with a lot of features are waiting you. Chess TD also have battle mode, where you can challenge and defeat other player
Mix and create your most powerful deck combination to defend your stronghold.
Collect cards and level up to upgrade your hero. Through battles to find new card and combine to create a new hero. Endless journey in big world.
Dual with your partner and conquer the dungeon.
Complete your collection with diversity cards hero.
Mix and match various kind of hero cards to create a combination that will help you winning other player in Battle Mode
Merge and level up your card hero and play with your partner to get through the dungeon in Dual Mode.
Player will create a new combination with a lot of heroes to defend and against the Dark Lord and his army in Campaign mode
Defend the stronghold from attacks of Dark Lord
Easy to get acquainted
Diverse hero system
Smart upgrade system
Global ranking system
Dungeon escape systemattractive tower climbing
Card collection
Customize tactics
Special PvP system
Diverse mission system with a lot of reward from hero card to gold
Special campaign system
Searching for resources has never been so easy in Chess TD
Many attractive gifts received
Create a guild and build up your empire
Clan battle and world battle
Communicate with players around the world
The difficulty increases with the progress of the game
New Feature like Dual Dungeon will coming soon
Complete your collection and collect more cards.
Play Dungeon and finding your own cards hero
Free to Play

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