American i8 Police Car Game 3D Cheats&Hack

By | March 12, 2021

Car games and police games fans! Get ready for a brand new police game simulation. Perform criminal capture and president protection missions. Choose your gun and police car and start patrolling the huge city.

✓ Realistic HD Graphics
✓ Getting in-out of the car
✓ Huge city
✓ 5 language option
✓ Criminal chase mode
✓ Super fast police cars
✓ 2 Siren sounds and lamps
✓ Police radio
✓ Offline game
✓ Different weathers
✓ Modification system
✓ Realistic traffic
✓ Free driving mode

Our i8 police game, which is in the first place in the car games category, was released in 2021. You can download this game, which is extremely low in size, to your phone or tablet right away for free.

Join the endless fun with over 100 missions. There are 3 different game modes and weather conditions in our game that comes to mind when it comes to car games. You can start the game immediately by selecting the game mode you want.

There are 4 weather conditions in our car game: snowy, rainy, day and night. The air will change as you finish the episodes. Enjoy playing real police game with extreme high HD graphics.

You can warn drivers that do not start by activating your sirens. You can stop and arrest drivers who break the rules. If you want to see more car games feel free to contact us.

If you like our i8 police car game, please comment and rate us. Enjoy the game!