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The Rondo of Oblivion: Otome Romantik görüşlər Hileleri&Hack

■Synopsis■ Dear Guest, welcome to Moonwake Manor – a place that will grant your deepest desires. It is with great pleasure and honor to invite you to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You may find that the sun never rises and that your only way out is to participate in this game I’ve organized for you and… Daha çox oxu »

Dragon's Kiss ilə möhürlənmişdir: Otome Romantik görüşlər Hileleri&Hack

■■Synopsis■■ One fateful night, you look up to see a mysterious creature being attackeda dragon! Despite your efforts to help him, there’s nothing a mere human can do to fight against his assailant. As a last resort, you agree to let the dragon drink your blood. He saves you in return, but you… Daha çox oxu »

Guardians of the Zodiac: Otome Romantik görüşlər Hileleri&Hack

■Synopsis■ You’re a young college student studying an ancient scroll, which is said to have ties to the Chinese Zodiac. Though it hasn’t been opened for centuries, you manage to remove its seal. Before you can read it, a flash of light blinds you and the scroll is stolen from your hands! Luckily three handsome… Daha çox oxu »

Cinayət istəkləri: BL Yaoi Anime Romantik görüşlər oyun hilaları&Hack

■ Sinopsis ■ Bölgənin ulduz ikilisi, sənə və ortağına bədnam cinayətkar ailəni içəridən endirmək üçün sızmaq tapşırılıb. Xarizmatik liderin qanadı altında gətirildi, tapdığın şey gözlədiyindən çox uzaqdır. Cinayət dünyasında, kimə etibar edə biləcəyinizi bilmək çətindir…... Daha çox oxu »

My Elemental PrinceRemake: Otome Romantik görüşlər Hileleri&Hack

■ Synopsis ■ Welcome to Paracelsa, the breathtaking home of elemental spirits! A massive wave hit your college classroom and washed you up on these sunny shores. Luckily, three handsome men harnessing the powers of fire, water, and air have offered to help you get home. But that goal seems more unattainable when the Oracle… Daha çox oxu »

Spotlight: Choose Your Story, Romantik görüşlər & Outcome Cheats&Hack

Every choice matters or one choice can change it all. A brand new interactive story game with top of the line animation featuring stories from the authors you love! Have you ever read a story and wished you could’ve controlled the outcome? Now with Spotlight, bacararsan! Experience stories the way you want to by… Daha çox oxu »

Qan ayına zəng: Vampire Otome Romantik görüş hilələri&Hack

■ Synopsis ■ Your comfortable life is shattered by the disappearance of your father and the spread of a mysterious scourge. Bir müalicə axtararkən, təhlükəli bir vampir ağası bilinməyən bir məqsədlə sizi oğurlayır və bir gecə dünyası ilə tanış edir. Gotik qalalar tərəfindən ovsunlanır, gizli keçidlər, və sonsuz bolluq, you… Daha çox oxu »

The Lost Fate of the Oni: Otome Romantik görüşlər Hileleri&Hack

■SynopsisDangerous oni lurk outside, so you must never leave the mansion.Raised under the protective wing of your loving father, you’ve always heeded these words and stayed safe inside. Life in the mansion may be comfortable, but you wish that you could experience the outside world just once. One day, your wish comes true, but… Daha çox oxu »

Romance Fate: Stories and Choices Cheats&Hack

Romance Fate: Stories and Choices Do you believe in fairy tales?Do you love reading books?Are you looking for lingering romance?Are you craving exciting adventures? Choose an interactive story and start your own journey. Each choice mattersyou’ll make your own decisions and affect your own destiny in the story! In Romance Fate, you can… Daha çox oxu »