Baby Ice Cream Shop – Make Your Favorite Dessert Cheats&Hack

By | April 29, 2021


🍨”Baby Ice Cream Shop” game offers a variety of cones, ice cream scoops and so many sweet and delicious desserts!
Let’s play this free cooking game and enjoy awesome gameplay experience.

You are working in an ice cream shop!
Your game job is to make delicious ice creams, sweet smoothies or candies!
It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
Try your best to serve your little customers right away. Don’t keep your clients waiting and make them satisfied! Ask your new friends what they want and serve them well – they will definitely love it! Good luck!

🍰 Add adorable decorations and toppings. Cool sweetness of strawberry shortcake ice cream combined with the crispy cone creates the perfect yogurtland!
Become the best ice cream maker in the cooking shop game! Take your dessert shop to the next level and spread your delicious frozen desserts and milkshakes.
Don’t forget to share this colorful game with your friends and family!

Customize your game menu!
Try more recipes including smoothies, popsicles, juice and others! Make the best dessert shop in this food serving game!

Game features:
🍭 Many decorations for you to choose;
🍭 Various flavors and fruits;
🍭 Cute and fun animations & sound effects;
🍭 Lovely characters and animals;
🍭 Learn about making ice cream and smoothies;
🍭 Kid-friendly interface.

Challenge yourself and serve all customers in the best ice cream making game.
🍨 “Baby Ice Cream Shop” is a great desserts & waffle cooking game able to entertain your kids for hours!

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