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By | July 25, 2021
Try out these puzzles for kids aged 3+! The numerous images and different levels of difficulty can meet the needs of kids at different ages and stages. You’ll love them!

36 colorful free puzzles in four themes: Food, art, nature, and profession. Cakes, cars, pets, parties, and more of the things that kids like can all be found here, so they can have fun playing with puzzles!

Choose from five levels of difficulty, from a simple 8-piece puzzle to a 72-piece one. The higher the level, the greater the difficulty! Which level can you reach? Come and try them out!

Don’t worry about losing your progress! Here, your progress will be automatically synchronized and saved in “My puzzles”. View your puzzle at any time, and continue with your puzzle.

Additionally, we will continue to release two to four puzzles each week, so you can always try a new puzzle!

– 36 puzzles in four themes for you to enjoy playing with puzzles!
– Colorful puzzles that will inspire your interest in puzzles!
– Five levels of difficulty will train your puzzle skills!
– Try puzzles of up to 72 pieces to make playing with puzzles more challenging!
– Your progress will be automatically saved so you can continue any time!
– New puzzles will be released every week!

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