Baby Panda’s Photo Studio – Cheats&Hack

By | February 28, 2021

Baby Panda’s photo studio is busy with business! Residents come to take photos of all kinds. Can you come and help out? Welcome customers and take photos of them!

Little photographer, let’s choose a camera first! Polaroid instant camera or digital camera? Choose one as you like! What should we use to set up the scene? Cloud background, colorful blanket, cute puppet… 30 stylish decorations for you to choose!

The customer is ready with the pose. Press the button and take pretty photos of the customer. You can also take a snapshot. Look! The girl is lifting her skirt and the child is making funny faces…press the button and capture the moment.

How should we process the photos? It depends on what kind of camera you use. Photos taken with the Polaroid instant camera come out black. What should we do with them? Try to expose it to strong light!

Come and take photos for more customers!

– Get to know 3 commonly used cameras: Polaroid instant camera, digital camera, and film camera.
– Take 4 kinds of photos: ID photo, portrait photo, wedding photo, and family photo.
– Serve 9 customers and offer them services in makeup, photo taking, photo restoration, and more.
– Process photos with different methods: printing, plastic sealing, and strong light exposure.
– Experience the work of a photographer. Learn to use relevant equipment: film, tripod, and more.

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