Merge Card Puzzle – Чыты&Узламаць

Аўтар | Студзень 15, 2022

“Merge Card Puzzle” is an addictive relaxing Merge Number Puzzle game. 🃏
Come to play Merge Card Puzzle and give your brain a rest! 🧩

Як гуляць?
⁃ Tap or drag to move the cards.
⁃ The same cards will be merged to a larger number card.
⁃ No Time Limited!

⁃ Прыгожа лёгка і проста, без ціску і без абмежавання па часе.
⁃ Складана пабіць ваш самы высокі бал.
⁃ Лёгка гуляць. Just tap the card!
⁃ Multiple beautiful background pictures.Such as: Beach🏖, Mountain🗻, Desert🏜
⁃ Multiple materials. Такія як: Cash💸, Paper📄, Gold💰, Card🃏….
⁃ Classic merge block puzzle game for all ages!

Come and play this casual game and become a master of Card Merge Game now!

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