Bear Match Party: Fall down io Cheats&Hack

By | March 18, 2022
It’s time to match! Join the fun adventure when you transform in different characters and compete with other. You will see a lot of similar faces in the arena and try to overcome the great challenges of the game.
You will have to use your logic skills and quickly move to the right platform.
Pick the right platform, you live. Wrong platform, spikey trap will give you a horror death.

The rule is simple: the screen changes every 5 seconds and you have to match the images with the platform under your feet. All the wrong platform will lead to your death so pick wisely and quickly.
However, that’s not enough to win. You have to be cruel and push other to the spikey trap until there is only one survivor left. Only then you can earn the ultimate victory.

Game features:
– Simple, fun and exciting gameplay
– Push, match and survive
– Outstanding graphic

The party is here to challenge you. Download now!!!