Party Games:2 3 4 Player Games Cheats&টাট্টু

দ্বারা | ডিসেম্বর 4, 2022

Party Games is a collection of local multiplayer games with easy one touch control. All players play simulatenously on one device. You can pick from various games to play from races, footbal, tanks and tournaments to running and other fun games.

These games are for 2 খেলোয়াড়দের, 3 players or even up to 4 players playing at once on one same device.

Rules for these games are very simple. You can play offline, because this game has offline local multiplayer.

The more people that are playing together, the more fun you will have. But if you have no one to play with you can also play against yourself in some of the game modes or challenge yourself to do a tournament.

Try out games such as:
Ball Out (Battle royale game, so the last one standing wins.)
Car Ball (Game similar to soccer, but you play with cars as players.)
– ট্যাংক (Game where players fight to be the last one standing.)
Color Tiles (Game where you have to collect as many tiles as you can.)
Take Money (Game where you have to collect as many money as you can.)
Ball Run (Game where you compete with other players to the finish line.)
Tapper (Game where you compete with other players to have the most taps in 60 seconds.)
And Many More

We make and release new mini-games regularly. Stay tuned about upcoming updates and tell your friends about this game!

• An easy one tap control
• 4 players can play simultaneously on one device
• Challenge your friends and family
• Free game
• A lot of games to choose from

Thank your for playing!