Toy Shop: Family Games – ঠকাই&টাট্টু

দ্বারা | অক্টোবর 14, 2022

Favorite educational family games! Hippo and her friends are playing family shop.

Hippo and her friend Pig will be sellers at the shop. Raccoon, Giraffe and Cat will be buyers. Family funny interactive shop sells a variety of goods: toys, foods, fruits, vegetables, horses and even dinosaurs. It’s like a small supermarket. Characters take turns coming to the cashier and order what they want to buy. Even if something is not in the market, Hippo and her friend Pig can offer something else. Once you received the goodsyou must pay! To pay for goods use coins 5, 3 এবং 1. Help to pay for your purchase. এটা করতে, combine the different versions of the coins that would fulfill the sum for the purchase.

Funny Family Interactive Shop, is a great opportunity to spend time with family, and to play and learn at the same time!

Family game
Education element of counting to 20
Colorful decorations
Search for items
Funny Hippo heroes and her friends
A hilarious mood during the game

Enjoy the new game with Hippo. Funny Family Interactive Shop.

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