Brick Breaker: Neon-filled hip hop! Monster ball Cheats&Hack

By | February 12, 2021

SWEET MONSTER: BRICK BREAKER is a casual game to kill time where players get rid of the neon-colored blocks on the screen and clear the stages.

Anybody can relax and enjoy this game with a simple control~! Don’t worry even if you don’t have WiFi or internet! Download the best breakout clone you can enjoy any time, anywhere for free.

● How to play
– Check the blocks on the screen and drag the ball to shoot it.
– Different blocks are removed according to the target and the angle.
– The game is over when the undestroyed blocks get to the bottom of the screen.
– Get rid of all the blocks using the special blocks and items.
– Powerful boss monsters appear in certain stages.

● Features
– Utilize different types of special blocks such as laser block, bomb block, and teleport block.
– Complete Missions and Achievements to get rewards.
– Enjoy the simple but colorful neon art and the eye-candy effects.
– Stage Mode! 100-Balls Mode! Classic Mode! Choose what you want!
– Blow your stress away with the relaxing gameplay.

★ Tips ★
Make a destruction combo to get Stars. Collect the Puzzle Pieces of each stage to get unique Sweet Monsters such as Pinkmon, Bluemon, and Eggmon.

– In the airplane~ In the elevator~ In the deep mountain~ ENJOY anywhere!
– Students, office workers, housewives, grandmas, and grandpas, ENJOY everybody!
– When dumped by the girl/boyfriend, when told off by the boss, when fought with a friend – ENJOY anytime!

※ This game is free to play, but you are able to purchase some paid items. Additional costs will be charged when you purchase the paid items. A refund may not be available according to the type of the paid item.

※ Brick Breaker: Sweet Monster is free to play but some in-game items can be purchased for a payment.

The above two permissions are required to save game data.
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