Flow Legends: Pipe Games – Varalice&Hack

Nobody likes getting wetmost of your customers certainly don’t! Fix the pipes and show your engineering and puzzle-solving skills in a unique way! How to play Flow Legends: pipe arcade games:– Look at all pipes on the levelThink how to connect them. šokirajte mećavu i još mnogo toga ili kladite zlato na kockara kako biste pronašli moćne predmete i osnažili svoju opremu da dosegne božanstvo – some levels are quite tricky!– Konačno,… Čitaj više »

Royaldice – Varalice&Hack

Royaldice is the free dice game that redefines and puts a modern twist on a classic board game! Royaldice is the perfect free-to-play game for lovers of board games, Yatzee, Scrabble, Phase 10, Farkle, and Rummy! Enjoy smooth gameplay, stunning graphics, easy navigation, and an amazing player experience in this classic board game. The perfect… Čitaj više »

MONOPOLY GO! – Varalice&Hack

Become rich beyond your wildest dreams in this newly reimagined version of one of the most loved board games ever created: MONOPOLY! Let everyone’s favorite billionaire, MR. MONOPOLY, be your guide as you explore new boards themed after world-famous cities, fantastical lands, i više. Experience the classic gameplay MONOPOLY fans love at a faster pace… Čitaj više »