Return of Kage – Varalice&Hack

By | Juni 5, 2023

[Massive Gifts and Profits]
Return of Kage is coming with tons of gifts! Login to enjoy free packs and various profitable events!

[AFK Makes Level-up Easier]
Earn massive items even when you are offline! Just don’t forget to go back to collect all those rewards!

[Match Your Ninjas Wisely]
With the right combination of skills, combat efficiency will be greatly enhanced! Always remember to adjust your team depending on your foes!

[Enjoy Various Features in Adventure]
Hundreds of stages, thousand of floors, Arena, Dungeons, SummitThey bring you so much fun and so many rewards!

[Rebirth and Convert Ninjas Freely]
Tired of some ninjas? Try Rebirth! All materials spent on it will be returned! But remember you only have 3 chances daily!