Chaotic Three Kingdoms 2023 – Cheats&Hack

By | February 2, 2023

100+ Free Spins Hero Gacha and great rewards just by logging in!
◆New 6 World New Server [Zone 6-Yan Liang] Update!◆
◆Various events are underway to celebrate New year◆

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* Use Period: Available from 2023/2/1 to 2023/2/28

Welcome to a new era of legendary conquest! Rise of three kingdoms!
Feel the epic of Three Kingdoms heroes’ exciting romance and story!

◈ Game Features ◈
▶ Recruit and train heroes of Three Kingdoms RPG
Directly command over 100 charming legend heroes, defeat enemies in war of ancient Chinese dynasties,
Survive until the end and build a new dynasty as a warlord.

▶ Join the massive battle between nations!
The Three Kings of Chaos at Wei, Shu, Wu! Join the huge battle that you’ve never seen before!
Use various strategies to Conquest castles and defend, completing nation quests!

▶ There are tons of contents you can play with!
Summon all kinds of bosses and cooperate with others to defeat it in Mystical Land!
Defeat various bosses with your ally heroes in World Boss Raid!
Do not let anyone break through your castle in Castle Defense!
Show how strong you really are in the World Battle arena!
Build your army then you can afk in the arena!

▶ Defend or Conquest in County and Castle content!
Defend your castle by upgrading your defenses and setting
your exclusive heroes such as spearmen, cavalry, shieldmen and archer to strengthen the defense!

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