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Di | Nuvembre 3, 2022

Coastal Hill is a mystery hidden object game that goes beyond other online logic puzzle and adventure games. Ready to challenge yourself and solve the city mystery? You will seek and find objects hidden on picturesque locations, play puzzles unique for the genre, solve riddles, complete exciting quests, renovate an old haunted mansion, and create your own character!

? RENOVATE A HOUSE You try on the role of a home designer and renovate an old mystery mansion, while you search and find hidden objects in a variety of colorful locations. You need a house to live in as you progress through the levels and chapters and beat hidden object levels. This manor is a perfect place for you to settle down and organize the object hunt full of engrossing puzzles and brain teasers. You won’t believe what a mystery mansion can hide.

? CREATE YOUR AVATAR You will create your own game character: choose haircuts, blouses, gonne, boots, è accessori. Find the object to your taste! Carefully selected clothes and outfits give you power-ups and bonuses to have more hidden object games during the session. You can save up energy, increase the amount of coins and experience. Certain unique customization items are unlocked only while the seasonal event is on. So make sure to engage in hidden object hunt as often as you can to unravel unsolved detective mystery.

??? TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS Finding games has never been so fun! Start your own guild, invite and chat with friends and compete against players for prizes while finding objects. Each contest has a leaderboard. The top 3 guilds receive prizes for completing logic puzzles and other adventure quests and challenges. Interact with your guild members, choose strategy to reach the top before the tournament ends and everyone find the hidden objects and spot the hidden differences. You will play a variety of unique search and find puzzle games for adults. These riddles will tease your brain for all it’s worth. È ùn vi scurdate: the more hidden object games you play, the more points you receive.

?️ A MYSTERY STORYLINE Coastal Hill has always been a restful spot. You don’t remember how you got in this hidden city: the locations look so familiar… You play mind-bending hidden mystery puzzles, solve logic riddles and interact with characters to sbloccà hidden secrets and uncover the town mysteries. Find ithours of mysterious gameplay and a great adventure plot complete with twists await! Each character has an intriguing personality full of dark secrets… Challenge your mind and solve the mystery before it’s too late!

Hidden Object Games: Detective Mystery of the City has amazing animations and unique achievements: some are easy to get like in other detective games, and some require great logic skill! It’s a real brain game!

If you have any questions on how to play detective mystery hidden object adventure games and unsolved riddles, feel free to contact developers at info@adoregames.com or use in-game chat.

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What’s happened to characters in Coastal Hill? Upgrade your detective skills with this puzzle adventure game now and find out the city mystery in these online hidden object games. Investigation has begun! Will you solve the mystery?