Idle Creepy Park Inc. – Ingannà&Hack

Di | Sittembre 30, 2021

Don’t get scared by monsters 😱! Start your own scary business!

Are you brave enough to enter an adventure park full of creepy monsters 🤔?
Idle Creepy Park Inc. is a scary and exciting experience for all idle players🔥!

Exploring haunted horror house with scary monsters is definitely not an adventure for everyone😮.
You have to hire brave managers to help you run this park. Although making money by scaring people 👻 sounds like a great business plan and it’s still kind of creepy 🤑!

It’s going to be an exciting adventure! But before you start, you should be ready for SCARY things 😨! As the owner of the creepy park you will have to hire managers so they will take care of all scary monsters exhibitions.

Hire managers to maintain public order inside. They will fix 🔧 broken monster exhibits and clean 🧹 all the spooky areas but managers also represent your scary idle business to the customers.

Offer your guests the most enjoyable adventure. Make them feel scared but satisfied😆! Improve your park with new and creepy monsters! Don’t forget about ticket booths🎟️, food stands (sweets🍭!) and various games🕹️for your customersyou can upgrade almost everything to keep your idle business in good condition! Keep checking your stats! Financial results 🧾, product sales 💰, I gestori travaglianu è a soddisfazione di i clienti ✔️ devenu esse a vostra prima priorità avà!


● Parcu inutile SCARY di attrazioni hantate! Tonnellate di mostri spaventosi 🤡 è assai travagliu da fà!

● Criaturi CREEPY! Cuntene vampiri🧛, mummies🤕, pirati🏴‍☠️, mostri è assai altri.

● FACILE da ghjucà, difficiule à ammaistrà! Ma i dirigenti vi aiuteranu! Site prontu per què😱? Hè GRATUITU per ghjucà!

● DISFRUTATE di st’avventura! Stanze dettagliate, l'atmosfera spaventosa è i caratteri inquietanti sò spaventosi ma ancu emozionanti in un bonu modu!

● FUN gameplay inattivu! Earn money 💲 and grow your business as fast as you can!

Don’t be afraid of success and keep tapping👍