Conspiracies of the Heart: Otome Romance Game Cheats&Hack

By | August 6, 2021

■ Synopsis ■

You’re a tough-talking, quick-witted community officer committed to protecting others, but what happens when the roles get reversed? After a bizarre chain of events kicks off leading to your parents’ disappearance, three enigmatic men waltz into your life, eager to avenge you. As you stumble across strange conspiracies and salvage phantom memories, it’s clear those closest to you have a past they’re unwilling to reveal. At the end of the day, who can your heart really trust?

■ Characters ■

Akira Murase – The Sleuth
Hard-boiled, stoic, yet honest, Akira is an old-school detective living by a strict code of goodwill while pounding the streets. As Akira searches for answers about the disappearance of your parents, he’s confronted with complexities, leading to unanswered questions about his beloved former partner’s untimely demise. Can you help Akira decipher the past, and reach for the truth?

Li Kouran – The Troublemaker
Lawless, rich, and wild playboy Li shows up on your doorstep injured out of the blue. Wounded and alone, the out-of-towner owes you for saving his life. Despite his turbulent past, Li is surprisingly kind and holds family and tradition very dear to his heart. Will you carve out a new destiny together?

Hikaru Tsukishima – The Confidant
Considerate, loyal, and coolheaded, Hikaru manages the cozy coffee shop across the street from your apartment. When you find yourself fighting for survival, Hikaru is there to back you up. Perhaps his concern about your safety stems from you being a regular, or perhaps it’s something more… Will his comforting presence be enough to sustain you in your hour of need?