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Podle | Únor 21, 2021

Staňte se manažerem své vlastní tělocvičny a probojujte se na vrchol!

Najměte nejlépe hodnocené trenéry tělocvičen a bojujte s trenéry.

Trénujte své boxerky, o úroveň výš a rozvíjet jejich dovednosti a bojové schopnosti. Obranný? Urážlivý? Nebo kombinace obou? Ty vybíráš!

Feel the adrenaline rush and taste the action of the boxing experience in Quick fights, Tournaments, Campaigns and Gym vs Gym! Enjoy the endless fights in single and multiplayer gameplay modes!

Can you win all your fights?
Show the world the best you can do!

* Build your own gym and stack it with the best equipment from the shop.
* Create your fighters, style them with shorts, t-shirts, tattoos and more!
* Work on their core skills and fighting skills.
* Do you think you can master the game plan and score KNOCKOUTS?!
* Enter the ring! Win the battles and earn credits, prestige and cash. There are no limits for how much you can fight!
* Choose your style and make history by topping the leaderboard.

Nothing is more satisfying than defeating your opponents and proving your skills!

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Or send an email to support@prestudios.com

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