Pokipet – Cheaty&Zaseknout

Podle | červen 8, 2023

Create a group pet with your friends, rodina, or co-workers and give your pet the best life possible.

+ Give your Pokipet treats.
+ Feed your Pokipet various foods throughout the day.
+ Walk your Pokipet.
+ Clean your Pokipet.
+ Give your Pokipet water.
+ Pet your Pokipet.
+ Put your Pokipet to sleep at night.
+ Give your Pokipet toys.
+ Customise your Pokipet.
+ As your pet grows older, it will slowly learn to stand, walk, běh, and also play!

Work together with your group to ensure your pets daily needs are met. Your Pokipet may run away or be confiscated if it’s daily needs are not met.