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SPHAZE: Sci-fi puzzle game – Cheaty&Zaseknout

In SPHAZE, you will manipulate impossible mazes and guide mysterious robots through stunningly beautiful worlds. SPHAZE is a relaxing exploration through fantasy and sci-fi worlds. Guide the mysterious robots through different areas, solving arcade puzzles, challenging your reflex, and helping the energetic RoBeep. A perfect mixture of arcade puzzles from Cut the Rope with the… Přečtěte si více »

Puzzle Glow : Brain Puzzle Gam Cheats&Zaseknout

Enjoy PUZZLE GLOW, the best puzzle collection game ever! Puzzle Glow is the best puzzle collection game that uses shapes, linky, barvy, numbers, and symbols. Playing Puzzle Glow will increase your logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and problem solving capabilities. Playing this simple yet addictive puzzle game will also encourage your rational thinking. Play the puzzle… Přečtěte si více »