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Will of Fire – Snyder&Hack

A story of passionate exploration and adventure with ninjas Game features: 【Ninja Adventure】-Choose from hundreds of ninjas and explore the world of ninjas with a rich storyline!【Gorgeous skills】-You’ll be amazed by the magnificent skills, the cool combat effects and the ease of use! 【Free Bonus】-Abundant rewards await you!【Fun to play】-All kinds of activities, can’t stop… Læs mere »

Fire Will: The Ninja – Snyder&Hack

【Break the TraditionTrue 3D】The game adopts the horizontal version of the operation method, automatic clearance, automatic hang-up, easy to brush monsters, 3 minutes to get started, 5 minutes to put it down! True 3D, palace-level end-game picture quality, presenting you a visual feast! 【Miracles and Adventures-Ninja God Parallel】The battlefield of gods and demons,... Læs mere »