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By | August 7, 2022

Have you ever read a novel, watched a drama or favorite movie show? Ever fantasized to be the main character as yourself in it?

Dating Stories: Hot Episodes is a free interactive story game with the best collection of love stories in the world including romance, drama, adventure, etc.

Dive into immersive experience like never before. Dating Stories: Hot Episodes has the best visual effect that mixes romance, adventure, and drama together. Every choice you make matters. Choose wisely in your own path while enjoying the amazing storylines. Keep in mind that one choice can change everything. Your decisions will change the course of each one and affect the overall outcome.

Dating Stories Features
– Pick story you like from library and start your dating.
– Customize main character’s look to reflect your personal style. Dress up in beautiful outfits. Encounter true love!
– Different choices will determine the fates of dozens of fascinating characters. Dive into the character, fall in love, write your own fantasy stories.
– Control what happens next in immersive visual stories. Discover all the potential endings of these thrilling tales.
– High-quality storylines in interactive books updated regularly.
– Brand new playing method combined with match 3 puzzle gameplay.

Here are our exclusive collection of interactive books:
Chapter 1 – Forbidden Love
You decided to return on the stage of Hollywood after you divorced with your husband who had an affair. In the vanity fair in Hollywood, you have come across surprising romance, tabooed relations and dangerous temptations… Will you be able to control your mind or will you be helpless to jump in the whirlpool of desires and lies?
Chapter 2 – Chosen Service
A new man arrives in your quaint little town. With a husband that barely notices you and a desperate desire to escape, could this stranger be the fire you need to reignite your spark?
Chapter 3 – SM Club
In order to save enough tuition, you went to an SM club through a friend’s recommendation. Can you pass the interview with the handsome and mysterious boss Elision and get hired?
Chapter 4 – The Velvet Glove
After losing a dare you spend the evening at an exclusive sex club, a place that challenges and excites. Debonair Peter offers a chance to change your world. Will you submit to his charm?
Chapter 5 – Just Catch Him
On your way to the top of your company you’re given a hot new assistant. Will you train him in the boardroom, or the bedroom?

Are you willing to keep up with these breathtaking dramas as story beats unfold right now? Make your secret dreams come true in our passionate stories! Follow your inclinations, just act out what you like!

Write your own story. Choose and encounter your soulmate in Dating Stories: Hot Episodes right now!
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