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ZIO und die Magic Scrolls Cheats&Hacken

“Magie muss für Menschen sein!” Magische Schriftrollen ermöglichen es sogar gewöhnlichen Menschen, Magie zu verwenden!Auch du kannst der stärkste Zauberer der Welt werden’, solange du die magischen Schriftrollen von Zio hast! —————————————————————————————-Im Krieg zwischen Magiern und Hexenmeistern um das Zaubererland ‘Aerok’…‘Zio’ es gelang ihm, den stärksten Hexenmeister zu versiegeln. Aber, er verlor den größten Teil seiner... Weiterlesen »

Pop Pop Balls – Cheats&Hacken

Have fun in your casual time with the Pop Pop Balls ! Wenn dir dieses Spiel gefällt, please share it with your friends and have fun together! Rules are SIMPLE:1、Merge balls with the same number2Get higher number balls as you merge two3Get to new number Balls Merge features:1、Elegant design & wonderful game effects2Easy to learn… Weiterlesen »

Mohn Horror: Chapter One – Cheats&Hacken

Can you solve all the puzzles and make it out alive this abandoned factory? A vengeful toy named Huggy is waiting for you inside this maze. Use your powerful Blue Hand and Red Hand to hack electrical circuits or grab anything from afar. Erkunde die mysteriöse Einrichtung… and don’t get caught! Throughout the game, Sie… Weiterlesen »

Huggy Stretch Game – Cheats&Hacken

Welcome into the new stretch puzzle game. Let’s play Huggy Stretch Game game and save the Huggy by completing interesting levels of new puzzle games. ❄️ HOW TO PLAY STRETCH GAMES:• Click and stretch stretch legs or arms to reach the destination• The rule is not to stretch too much, and be very careful not… Weiterlesen »

Fury Battle Dragon – Cheats&Hacken

The dragon shout is shaking heaven and earth,and the skill is powerful and gorgeous.From a distance, a dragon with four heads stands proudly between heaven and earth.Its four heads gather the power of different elements, including flame, thunder, freezing and lightning.The magic dragon wantonly squanders its powerful elemental power, and vicious humans are invading dragon’s… Weiterlesen »

Legendary Tales 2 – Cheats&Hacken

A dreadful prediction came to the oracle — the cataclysm is coming. The renegade witch is about to save the world or ruin it… “Legendary Tales: Cataclysm” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, mit vielen Minispielen und Rätseln, unvergessliche Charaktere und komplizierte Quests. A vision came to the oracle. A… Weiterlesen »