Ein Bissen der Stadt – Cheats&Hacken

Durch | Februar 26, 2021

Willkommen bei A Bite of the Town! Genieße den Spaß am Kochen, Rüsten Sie Ihre exklusiven Restaurants nach und bauen Sie sie, and make friends with interesting and funny characters in game.
This town is exclusive for you where there are many themed restaurants, einschließlich Konditorei, Burger Geschäft, Sushi-Restaurant, und Fischgeschäft, usw. Mit reichhaltigen und verschiedenen Rezepten, and only by unlocking new restaurants can you improve your cooking skills; clear levels with different objectives to get rewards for retrofitting and building your restaurants, and work with the mayor to restore the town to prosperity.
※Restaurant Design: You can choose various appearances for your restaurants and make all kinds of combinations as you wish;
※Fun of Cooking: Here you can cook dishes all over the world, and make a simple tap to complete cooking and serving;
※Unique Gameplay: The features, including the upgrade of ingredients and kitchenware, a variety of cool items, quick serving to trigger cooking special effects, can help you clear levels faster;
※Rich Plot: You can get indulged in the story to experience more fun while enjoying the victory;
※Interesting Characters: the lovely heroine, Edward the elegant mayor, and burly and tall Sam will cook with you.

We are here waiting for you in Happy Town!!!