Nach der Schule Freundin: Sexy Anime Dating Sim Cheats&Hacken

Durch | März 1, 2021

■ Inhaltsangabe ■

Having spent your life trying to avoid unnecessary physical exertion, Ihr perfekt geplanter Tagesablauf wird von einer einzigen streunenden Katze entgleist…

Jetzt, da jeder in der Schule Ihr sportliches Potenzial erkannt hat, Den drei hartnäckigsten Clubkapitänen, die versuchen, Sie zu rekrutieren, entgeht nichts. It’s not all bad though—they just happen to be three of your most beautiful classmates!

Deciding which club to join might not seem that hard, but toss feelings into the game, the decision is bound to get more difficult…

■ Zeichen ■

KyokaTennis Captain

Energetic and upbeat, Kyoka is avid to make new friends. But when the tennis club grows in popularity, can she balance her affable side with her responsibilities as captain? Perhaps you can help her grow as a leader, and even help her discover love

MizuhoSwimming Protege

The ambitious Mizuho is more at home in the water than on land. Scouted for an early scholarship, you quickly realize that swimming is more than just a sport for her, it’s an obsession. Will you be the one to bring her back to dry land, or will she forever be out of reach?

AkaneThe Reserved Kendoka

With a family name to uphold, kendo is practically a way of life for Akane. After expelling her clubmates for bullying other students, she’s left alone in an empty dojo with only her wooden sword for company. Too prideful to ask for help, can you reach out and help rebuild her trust, or is hers the path of solitude?