DschungelGem-Match : PvP Match3 Cheats&Hacken

Durch | Oktober 14, 2021

▶ Game introduction
● Wie man genießt [DschungelGem-Match : PvP-Match3]
Es ist müde, endlose Stufen von anderen Puzzlespielen zu räumen? Jetzt, Sie können gegen andere Spieler in konkurrieren [DschungelGem-Match : PvP-Match3], ein Echtzeit-Match 3 Puzzle-PvP.

● Echtzeit-PvP!
Spielen Sie in Echtzeit gegen andere Spieler [DschungelGem-Match : PvP-Match3]. Make your moves to disable your opponent and claim your victory!

● Various Items And Contents
[DschungelGem-Match : PvP-Match3] has special skills, costumes, special boosters, and other hidden features that will make the game even more exciting and unpredictable.

● Concentrate!
Players will be matched against opponents with similar level, making the game even more exciting and thrilling.

● Different Adventure Everyday
New game mode “Today’s Mode” has been added where you can enjoy various modes that changes every day.
Compete for high ranks in limited time. You will be given extra golds if you reach the top ranks.

● New Various Special Blocks
New special blocks like Frozen Block, Mix Block, Mine Block, Treasure Box Block has been added. Compete not only by luck but also with strategy.

Are you ready to enjoy [DschungelGem-Match : PvP-Match3]?
Then join the [DschungelGem-Match : PvP-Match3] jetzt sofort!

※ Required App Access
In order for this game to save and read game data, the required access rights are required. The game is unable to play without the rights being approved.
∙ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (device images, Medien, files usage)
∙ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (device images, Medien, files usage)

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