Magic Wand: Brain Story Puzzle Cheats&Hacken

Durch | März 26, 2022
Are you waiting for whole new game of Brain Tease?
What is the man hiding? Do the couple love each other? What’s behind the curtain?

Now we are here, bring to you Tricky Puzzle: Magic Wand , a thinking games which will twist your mind, puzzle games that will wash your brain. Who did itanswer riddles to discover who is who, who is lying, and who is the culprit! Tricky Puzzle: Magic Wand is the greatest brain game with challenging puzzles, as well as the best of thinking mind games.

– Endlose Brain-Out-Herausforderungen
– Vielfältiges und ungeahntes Gameplay
– Einfache, aber lebendige 3D-Grafik
– Lustiges Spiel – Echter IQ-Test

Use magic wand and tap to point out suspicios point
– Denk nach, bevor du es tust
– Seien Sie schlau und lösen Sie die kniffligen Rätsel

JETZT KOSTENLOS HERUNTERLADEN! The answer to your IQ level is right here in this Tricky Puzzle: Magic Wand