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Durch | Oktober 13, 2021

Willkommen in Pendle Hill, die Top-Akademie für Hexen! Versteckt in der kleinen Stadt Ipswich, Massachusetts, es ist die Heimat von weit mehr als seinen Studenten – ein dunkles und magisches Geheimnis rührt sich, das die Welt der Hexen bis ins Mark erschüttern wird.

Lydia, ein 18-jähriger Pendle Hill-Neuling, ist verschwunden, a conspiracy is brewing, and it’s up to her friend, Bailey, to get to the bottom of the mystery. Gaia knows Bailey could use your help! Using your matching skills, Freischalten a rich mature story full of meaningful relationships, secrecy, and puzzles, in an interactive experience where the choices you make matter and lead Bailey down different paths. You get to choose who you trust, who you don’t, who you like, and who you really like.

As you puzzle your way through hundreds of spellbinding levels, this beautiful graphic novel unfurls to reveal the truth behind Lydia’s tragic disappearance. Cast spells, uncover clues, collect rewards, and match 3 or more magical gems and crystals to harness the powers of witchcraft in a thrilling interactive urban fantasy story.

In this adventure set in a 21st-century wizarding world, you’ll meet witches with lovable quirks who will become your closest friends… and others who may betray you! It’s up to you how your story unfolds.

In Switchcraft:

🔮 Encounter the unexpected with Switchcraft’s match 3 – experience different directional gravities, portals, and spirits in the metaphysical realm!

💎 Calm the chaotic mind and match 3 or more the gems and crystals to increase your magicka, the source of all magic.

🗝📖 Collect Magicka Crystals to harness your powers of witchcraft and unlock the serialised urban fantasy mystery story in this 21st-century wizarding world.

↔️ Choose your path in this interactive story for adults, rich with meaningful relationships, secrecy, and magic.

🔦 Interact with the storycast spells, and find and collect clues.

Switchcraft is free to download and play, Sie können aber auch virtuelle Gegenstände mit echtem Geld im Spiel kaufen. Sie können In-App-Käufe in den Einstellungen Ihres Geräts deaktivieren.

You may require an internet connection to play Switchcraft and access its social features. Switchcraft may also contain advertising.

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