Draw It – Draw One Part – Puzzle Game Cheats&Hack

By | June 7, 2021

Will your IQ level help you pass this super tricky puzzle gameDRAW IT is a great mind-challenging but funny and creative game that will make your day happier. Test your brain and drawing skills by guessing the missing part of the drawing and completing it.

💡 Each level contains a different incomplete picture. You need to figure out what is missing in the drawing.
💡 Draw one-line-only to finish the picture.
💡 Think out of the box! Cuz things may not be as simple as how they look.

Draw one part – DOP: only one single line accepted.
✅ Cunning combination of logical puzzle games and drawing games.
Unexpected and humorous drawing will activate your imagination and creativity.
✅ The AI programme helps guess the shape you draw so you can draw whatever you think that might work.

Download for FREE and enjoy training your brain with continuously upgrading challenges. Win the game and prove that you are smarter than the rest of the world!🔥