Elf Guardian – Cheats&Hack

By | June 4, 2021

This is an AFK battle game, with strategies developed in one. You can meet, get all kinds of elves, fight together, and start your adventure in the unknown world with many elves!

【Story Adventure】
-“Elf Guardian” is divided into 6 chapters according to the plot. Each chapter is composed of several continents to form a complete map. In the map, players can choose different routes for adventure!
【Lucky Gacha】
-Players can get super cute elves by drawing Gashapons!
【Worldwide Competitors】
-There will be limited-time events at the gym throughout the adventure. Players can challenge other trainers in the gym to rise your rank and get rewards!
【Friends, Team and Bond】
-Gathered trainers on the road, find your friends, form your team, challenge the BOSS, and become the protagonist with your friends!
[Find the Strongest Elf]
-A lot of cute elves, different attribute skills, mutual matching and restraint! Break through skills and improve basic stats to create your super elf!