Displace Story – Delikataj Testaj Trompoj&Hako

De | Majo 21, 2022
Ĉu vi scias kiel delokigi aferojn? Do you know how to displace objects correctly?
Displace StoryTricky Test is a hilarious and innovative game is coming your way to help you think outside of the box, relieve your stress and have a good laugh

Ludado estas facila! Just touch the screen and fit the pieces into the right places on the picture, but make sure to get them in the right order too.
Tasks are suitable for both beginners and advanced players.
Brain test is a great choice for the whole family and family evenings.
– Koloraj grafikaĵoj, and the plots are thought out to the smallest detail.
Unexpected and humorous pictures will make your day displace puzzle game style will push your imagination and creativity
– Solvu tunojn da enigmoj

If you are a fan of Puzzle games and want to train your mind, Displace StoryTricky Test is one of the best options for you. Think outside of the box and challenge your imagination now!