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Quiz Planet – Trucos&Cortar a tajos

Quiz Planet is a fast-paced quiz game of intergalactic proportions where you can compete against your friends and other players. Test your knowledge with countless interesting quiz questions from 19 varied categories and move to the top of the leader board! Do you know more than your friends? Find out with Quiz Planet! Features •… Lee mas »

Caza salvaje: Hunting Games 3D Cheats&Cortar a tajos

Time to collect your hunting gear, load a gun, sharpen your senses and track wild animals in realistic hunting locations. Become the real hunter and answer the call of the wild! Are you ready for an ultimate hunting experience?Are you into visiting new and stunning hunting locations and shooting realistic wild animals?Are you dreaming about… Lee mas »

Grim Defender: Castle Defense – Trucos&Cortar a tajos

Defensor! Are you ready to defend your castle? In this fast paced castle defense game you requires strategy and skill. Endless hours of action await you! Upgrade and grow your castle, defend against endless waves of monsters, gather resources, improve your defense, equip and combine dozens of crossbows, hechizos, trampas, modules and legendaries to grow… Lee mas »

Monster Gym Championship – Trucos&Cortar a tajos

Summon and train the monsters of your dreams in Pokebattle! Choose from many different types like fire, agua, plant and earth elements. Select the attributes you want for your monster team then start battling in gyms or against other trainers to climb the leaderboards! You have to have a strategy when catching 1000+ monstruos. They… Lee mas »

Orden & Caos 2: 3D MMO RPG Cheats&Cortar a tajos

Travel the road to redemption in a completely new story in the open world of Order & Caos. Join thousands of player heroes on a fantasy journey to complete exciting multiplayer quests and redeem yourself. • Explore a vast and unique open world brought to life with stunning graphics.• Multiple factions and thousands of NPCs… Lee mas »

Tales of Grimm – Trucos&Cortar a tajos

This is not the common fairy tale you read before. Enjoy the incremental mobile game of Dark Fairy Tales! usted, a Dreamer, begin your own story in the Land of Oz. Go adventure with heroes living in the Land of Oz and explore the secrets hidden behind the dark. [Free Up Your Hands]Set your hero… Lee mas »

War and Wit: Heroes Match 3 Trucos&Cortar a tajos

Fantasy Epic 3D Card Puzzle GameWar and Wit: Heroes Match 3Embark on an interesting and thrilling adventure with legendary heroes, using your wisdom to solve various puzzles and get rich rewards. Summon mythic heroes to challenge the dragon and save the world!Step on legendary continent and experience novel and interesting gameplay! Características del juego:[Courage… Lee mas »