Peluquería – Trucos&Cortar a tajos

Por | marzo 1, 2021

Es hora de visitar nuestro salón de belleza! Después de todo, cada chica, no importa la edad que tenga, me encanta cambiar su apariencia. Y sentado frente al espejo, haciendo peinados extraños, rizar su cabello
– las señoritas se sienten como verdaderas princesas. And that’s why we are presenting them our new game from the series of educational games for children: “”Child’s hair salon””. Our hair salon is famous enough and
very popular. Today there is a long turn of girls who are willing to be prettier and more original. And you as the best hairdresser and professional stylist just have to make their dreams come true. Use all your
imagination and make something unique! You have all the necessary tools at hand. Wash hair and dry it. Don’t forget that a haircut is very responsible and delicate matter. But even if you don’t get what you
want for the first timedon’t be disappointed. It’s not a problem. Using a special hair spray, you can lengthen it and try again. Use a hair iron for straightening or curling it. Also you can paint hair any color!
Use all the color palette. Put on lipstick and paint eyelashes, put on flush on cheeks, choose a proper dress and a hat. And don’t forget about luxurious jewelry. Prove that your beauty studio is the best in
the world. Take a picture of what you’ve got in the end and share the result with your friends and relatives. Have a fun playing our game

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