I Spotted It: Find All the Differences! Trucos&Cortar a tajos

Por | diciembre 30, 2021

Are you ready to become a genius in finding differences? Download our new free puzzle game ´I Spotted It’ and try to find differences in the pictures.
Magnificent buildings and beautiful landscapes, interesting things, expensive cars and cute animals are waiting for you in this game!

This is the best game to train your logical thinking and attention. It’s easy to train attentiveness in ‘I Spotted It’. Compare two practically identical pictures and try to find the differences. Play any time and any place. Start searching for differences right now in a free game ‘I Spotted It’.

Can you find all the differences and hidden objects in different pictures?

What makes ‘I Spotted It’ the best?
‘I Spotted It’ is made with love for kids and adults. Find differences together with your family
Lots of high-quality images
The game is absolutely free to download. One of the best free puzzle games
Each pair of pictures hides 5 diferencias. Can’t find them all? Use clues!
In ‘I Spotted It’ you can search for differences on 1000+ niveles

Puzzle games are your favorite? Do you solve hard tasks easily? It’s time to wake your inner genius and win as many levels as possible in our free puzzle game ‘I Spotted It’