Fiesta mexicana. Juego de cocina para niños Trucos&Cortar a tajos

Por | abril 18, 2021

Bienvenidos a la fiesta mexicana! ¿Alguna vez has soñado con aprender a cocinar comida mexicana?? La fiesta de los niños podría ayudarte! Es el mundo donde cocinar se convierte en un ritual especial. Cook Hippo te espera en la cocina en un nuevo juego para niñas y niños, descárgalo gratis ahora mismo! Take on your sombrero and let’s start learning recipes. Mexican food is waiting for you!

Cooking is getting to the new level. These educational kids games do not only teach a kid how to cook, but also tell the story how guacamole sauce appeared or how to cook tortilla. Hippos have a holiday again, but this time only Hippo and Daddy are home. They are going to prepare a Mexican party. Daddy is going to buy all the ingredients, because Mexican cookery has its own peculiarities. The kitchen is ready, the cook is also here so the cooking process starts immediately. Mexican food has a lot of unique dishes. Juicy burritos with chile sauce, cheese tacos which are melting in your mouth. Cooking with such interesting ingredients will become an exciting task for a kid!

This is a new type of games for girls that would definitely make kids happy. Any kid can’t stay still with this cooking game. Download our other educational kids games in the market and take part in new adventures together with Hippo!