Espejismos de invierno – Trucos&Cortar a tajos

Por | febrero 19, 2021

Es un poema de estaciones.

Embárcate en un viaje poético a través de una hermosa isla.. Explora maravillosos paisajes pintados con tinta y resuelve acertijos relajantes. Encuentra las cinco esencias elementales del mundo y úsalas para abrir nuevos caminos hacia la primavera..

A firsthand experience in fully drawn interactive landscapes filled with many creatures and hidden details inspired by Taoism and Zen philosophy.

Inspiring and enchanting poems about the coming of spring and moments of harmony with nature.

Easing puzzles inspired by nature.

An original yet uplifting soundtrack composed and recorded for the Daegeum, the traditional Korean bamboo flute.

Mirages of Winter is an individual experience but the adventure can be shared and enjoyed in the company of friends, parents and children alike

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