Sueños familiares de bolsillo: Trucos de Build My Virtual Home&Cortar a tajos

Por | enero 14, 2021

Diseña tu hogar y crea la casa de tus sueños en Pocket Family! Crea una familia virtual llena de adorables personajes animados y ayuda a construir la casa de sus sueños a través de la combinación. 3 colapsar juegos y rompecabezas.

Build a family with an amazingly cute and fun cast of characters that are ready to move in and live in your new house! Play puzzle games to complete their requests for household items and keep your home happy and growing!

Play match 3 collapse games to design and build each room any way you please. Decorate your room and watch the furnishings grow, or help your new virtual family with their requests.

Pocket Family Features:

House Decorating Games
Design your home and decorate using stunning customized rooms and furnishings.
Create a family home for a cast of adorable animated characters, each with different personalities and tastes.
Decorate your rooms to your heart’s content with incredible wallpapers, floorings and interactive decorations.

Partido 3 Collapse Games
Play match 3 puzzles to build and decorate your home.
Complete puzzle game missions to help your virtual family!

Virtual Family Home
Listen to your virtual family’s requests and keep your home happy!
Build a family: help the twins Dewey and Elroy perform cute pranks, Great Uncle Oscar build his dream garden, or Cousin Ellie become a head cheerleader!
Send gifts to your friend’s family for a chance to have more characters move into the house!

Play match 3 games to take your decorating skills to the next level and design the house of your dreams. Help your virtual family by completing their requests and create a home in Pocket Familydownload now and start decorating!

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