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Conquer the City: War Strategy Game Cheats&Häkkima

Play our castle takeover war strategy game and conquer the city! Form your strategies, command your troops, choose the best marching route and defeat every opponent! Fight for the highest glory!💪💪💪 How to play Conquer the City:🏰Swipe your finger to draw a line to connect with the target building and increase the number of soldiers.🏰Raise… Loe rohkem »

Tornisõda – Taktikalised vallutuspettused&Häkkima

BEAUTIFULLY SYMMETRICAL WARFARE! 🪖 Turn the tide and win the war in this elegantly simple casual tactics game that’s guaranteed to appeal to all armchair commanders and pocket Napoleons. Head into battle with a single 👉 swipe and watch your little warriors eliminate the enemy, allocating your cute little forces with skill and precision to… Loe rohkem »

Numbrivaste – Loogika Puzzle Mäng Pettused&Häkkima

Number Match on sõltuvust tekitav lihtsate reeglitega puzzle mäng: sobitage paarid ja puhastage laud, et õnnestuda. Number Matchi mängimine on teie aju jaoks kasulik ajaviide. Treeni oma loogikat ja keskendumisoskust, ja proovige oma rekordit ületada! Proovige oma lapsepõlvest pärit pliiatsi ja paberimängu mobiiliversiooni. Nüüd… Loe rohkem »