Couroland-Idle Adventure RPG – Pettused&Häkkima

Kõrval | Jaanuar 2, 2023

Courolandis a Idle RPG game, with daily tasks that can be completed in as little as 15 minutit. The game tries to avoid short periods of time-limited activity, and instead leaves as much time as possible for the player to arrange. The game design is simple and easy to use, very suitable for office workers to play at leisure!

【 Core Gameplay 】
(1)Develop characters
(2)collect illustrations
(3)Explore Maze
(4)collaborate socially

Swordsman, Sõdalane, Mage, Priest, Ranger
Players can choose one as the main character and two as partners to adventure together

【Equipment Collection】
The player can drop random quality items in numerous Dungeon by killing bosses
Excess equipment can also be collected as a guide

【 Skills Matching 】
Facing different kinds of enemies, players can switch between different class characters and customize skill combinations

【 Multiplayer Interaction 】
Players can form a family or alliance with their friends, and work together to fight Dungeon and battlefields.

【 Market Transaction 】
Players can sell the surplus materials they collect to the market, while buying the materials sold by other players in the market