Ellujääjad: Match 3・Lost Island – Pettused&Häkkima

Kõrval | Novembrini 8, 2022

Do you love to solve a quest or master a puzzle? Do both and match jewels 3 in the row in this puzzle adventure! Be the only survivor on a mystery island!

You wake up on a lost island after your plane crashes! Are you the sole survivor, or is there anyone else alive? Let’s find out and unravel all the secrets of this abandoned place!

Decide to embark on a daring island survival adventure! Nüüdsest peale, your survival quest is to restore the camp, harvest and grow crops and discover wild ingredients to use in tropical dishes. You also have to craft tools and find caches and treasures to fill your inventory, solve mystery puzzles and complete all the quest adventure games. Receive boosters and bonuses and complete all the challenges by swapping and matching gems 3 in a row and exploring mysterious places like lagoons or jungles while escaping from dangerous areas on hundreds of match-3 levels in this survivor adventure! Do you have everything you need to survive?

Unearth an island mystery and stay alive in this challenging match 3 adventure quest!

Kuigi seda mängu saab mängida täiesti tasuta, you have the ability to avage optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. Saate oma seadme seadetes rakendusesisesed ostud keelata.

You can play this game whether you’re offline or online.


Mäng saadaval: Inglise, Prantsuse keel, itaalia keel, saksa keel, hispaania keel, vene keel, Portuguese-Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Jaapanlane, hiina keel, korea keel, Traditsiooniline hiina keel.

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