Sildiarhiivid: DRAGON

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG – Pettused&Häkkima

Dragon Strike is an epic new match-3 RPG game, blending the best elements of empire building and match-3 with the added element of PvP arena combat! • BUILDCreate a powerful empire!• LAHING – Launch massive Dragon Strikes by generating huge combos!• SUMMONSummon hundreds of mighty heroes and dragons!• LEVEL UP –… Loe rohkem »

Double Dragon Trilogy – Pettused&Häkkima

A groundbreaking, uber-popular game upon its arcade debut in 1987, Double Dragon is the undisputed godfather of co-op beat ‘em all! Enter Double Dragon Trilogy, a compilation specially optimized for mobiles and which includes all three installments of the beloved arcade series: Double Dragon 1, 2 (The Revenge) ja 3 (The Rosetta Stone). The first… Loe rohkem »