Eudemon League – Cheats&Hack

By | April 2, 2021

Here you will experience colorful stories, and meet sorts of pets to fight together, guesss who will be the pinnacle of glory?
Come and summon your legendary pet and start your adverture now!

【Competitive showdown】
-PVP mode shows various of competitve battles, burn out your solo passion and become stronger!
【Breed legendary pets】
-A great many cute pets with different attributes match and restraint mutually!Improve basic skills and breakthrough, create your super power pets!
Play with friends
-Gather all kinds of trainers in your guild and challenge the world boss, compething for the hall of fame!
【Organize your lineup】
-Match the best lineup according to pet attributes, the special one will produce combo effects, sweep across the map and gain the master title!

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