Fish of Fortune™ – تقلب&هک

توسط | مارس 24, 2023

Embark on a new adventure and spin the wheel of fortune to get coins and unlock magical sea creatures. Win rewards, catch fish, raid, loot and attack your friends as you restore and redecorate different areas of the island. Enjoy this arcade adventure game with the fisherman and his crew

Are you looking to play multiplayer بازی با دوستان برخط?! In Fish of Fortune, you can play alone or interact with other players! Come and build your dream island now! Get started and spin the wheel!

Fish of Fortune is not your average online fishing game. Enjoy this thrilling island adventure game with fishing mechanics, where you can raid, غارت کردن, جمع آوری سکه, and spin the wheel!

چرخش کنید تا غنیمتان را بدست آورید!
چرخ را بچرخانید تا به ثروت شما بیفتد, زمان حمله باشد, غارت کردن, سپر یا یورش. Win your loot by landing on coins so you can build amazing islands through the game and move up in levels. Win shields to guard your island from other players trying to attack you. Become the Fortune King with the strongest island and the most loot!

Earn free coins!
Collect coins when you spin the wheel and use them to build and decorate different islands and areas of the universe. Feeling lazy? Use the autospin mode to collect as many coins as you can! Attack and raid friends to steal their coins!

Collect all the Fish Cards!
همیشه مربوط به غنیمت نیست, این نیز در مورد گنج است! When you spin the wheel, you can collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Fish of Fortune characters : Steal Fish, Blast Attack Crab, Energy Turtle, Gold Whale and many more!

Let the raid games commence!
Spinning the wheel isn’t the only way to win free coins! حمله کردن, raid and steal from your friends instead! You can loot treasures and coins on someone else’s island! Become the champion of this exciting multiplayer adventure game!

بازی با دوستان!
Aside from having the Fisherman and the penguins with you, you can win coins by spinning the wheel and by blasting and raiding your friend’s island. Attack their islands and steal coins! Make your island the strongest there is with the most loot!
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فیس بوک :

* Spin the wheel to win BIG prizes
* Use coins to restore, upgrade and decorate different areas of your island
* حمله کردن, raid and loot your friends’ islands
* Unlock new cards and characters as you progress in the story
* Riley will be your guide and Otter will be your lovely pet so you will never be alone

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