Poppy Smashers: Scary Playtime – تقلب&هک

توسط | ژانویه 29, 2022

? Welcome to Playtime Co.! ? How can you survive in the abandoned toy factory full of blood-thirsty Huggy Wuggy Monsters? سر و صدا و اجرا کنید!

In this breath-taking game, you will experience as a curious player who roams around the factory and collect VHS tapes to solve the mystery of what happened. As you strive to complete the game, the factory’s most popular toyHuggy Wuggy– a huge, terrifying blue creature with bulging eyes, big red lips, and lengthy limbs – actively chases you around. He appears out of nowhere in the dark to try to catch you.

Choose among several roles to add more excitement: شکارچی, آدمکش, ناخدا, گیر انداز, شمشیر, توپچی, and even Badboy Slapper with unlimited skills and items. در این بازی io, where come uncountable monsters, trying to be the smartest one is crucial. It’s super cool, بررسی کنید!

? چگونه بازی کنیم:
Use only 1 finger
– نگه دارید و بکشید تا حرکت کند
Get closer to toy monsters and smash them all
Run fast and don’t get hit

Won’t you stick around? It’s almost Playtime