Push Tower – تقلب&هک

توسط | ژانویه 30, 2022

Push Tower is a simple and easy to learn turn based number strategy battle game. Start your adventure in tiny tower in a small town and use your wits to wage wars and fight, raid and conquer enemy castles along the way. Push mighty crowds of enemies off each tower floor. If successful, you will gain their power, takeover their towers and get one step closer to defeating the boss king. Collect powerups, treasure chests and new towers along the way to help you defeat your enemies.
Can you become a hero, conquer enemy castles and push your way to Victory?
نحوه بازی
Drag and drop your blue character onto tower floors with red enemies
You must have a higher number than the chosen enemy to push them off and takeover that floor
When you defeat enemies you gain their power number as your own
Use powerups and math strategy to raid enemies and takeover each tower
Be aware of your defense and do not attack enemies with higher power than you
Conquer all the towers and defeat the king to win the level