Fall & Break Wuggy Bones! Cheats&Hack

By | April 11, 2022
Do you have a hard day? Need relaxing after all day long 😵

We are here to bring you best solution for stress relief

In Fall & Break Wuggy Bones! , your mission is to get Wuggy to shatter all the bones that fall from the high buildings or slices! Push and bounce off of construction cranes, beams, floors, and other objects to further destroy the dummy’s bones!

Break as many bones as possible to gain the greatest score, game points, and new skins for your ragdoll! Play the falling simulation game, break records, and unlock amazing outfits to make your ragdoll dismount fall like a star! ⭐

– Tap one to choose where to push Wuggy
– Then tap second time for deciding force to push
– The more damage Wuggy takes, the higher score you get

– Fun breaking bones’ dismount gameplay
– Turbo dismount experience
– Bright stylized 3D graphics and sounds
– Many challenging levels
– Relaxing experience while pushing

Very relaxing and challenging. Let the dummy fall and watch him shatter bones in Fall & Break Wuggy Bones! 🔥