Fashion Squad – Cheats&Hack

By | July 28, 2023

Open your very first boutique with your three best friends!
Realize the dream you’ve worked towards your whole life – a boutique of your own where you and your BFFs can show off your individual strengths. Take that first step into the unknown with your favorite allies.

Explore your city
As the saying goes: Keep your heels, head, and standards high! Go for run in your best shoes to find inspiration from the streets and nature. Pump up your adrenaline as you overcome bumps on your way and reach the red carpet you deserve!

Help out your customers in need of support
Unfold the unspoken reasons behind your customers’ misfortunes and help set their life on track. Join in their decisions and shape their story!

Create your own style
Why settle with what you’re given when you can make your own? Mix & match fabrics you’ve collected with designs you’ve chosen and craft original pieces. Customize every part of your fit with endless possibilities!

Compete with other designers
Endless possibilities create the chance to compare! Log in to the online community and put your style on display for the world to see. Rise in the world of fashion with your designs. Find out where you stand in competitions in which you are both judge and contender! Socialize with frenemy designers to discover new trends.